A Filipina Is Crowned Miss Belgium 2018

A Filipina beauty queen has been crowned as Miss Belgium 2018. She will represent Belgium in the international pageant scene this year.

Angeline Flor Pua, a 22-year-old from Antwerp, was recently crowned Miss Belgium 2018. Her father is of Chinese descent while her mother is a Filipina.  The pageant website Missosology said Pua is a “pure Filipina” who was raised in Belgium.

Miss Belgium 2018 The lovely Angeline Flor Pua @missflyingangel ✨

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Angeline bagged the Miss Filipina Europe in 2016 while representing the Filipino Community of Belgium. She is studying in a flight school and she wants to become a pilot someday.
Here’s a look at her photos on Instagram:



A video of her crowning moment has also been uploaded on YouTube.

Pua is expected to compete in both Miss Universe 2018 and Miss World 2018, representing Belgium, according to Missosology.

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This Mom Thought She Was Pregnant With Twins – Bursts Into Tears When Doctor Shows The Scan

At the point when 23 year old Alexandra Kinova and her husband Antonin discovered that their family was going to expand, they were blissful.

The couple, from Czech town Milovice two miles from Prague, already had a child – however were eager to welcome another family member.

And their joy only increased when the doctor revealed to them that there were two babies in Alexandra’s tummy, especially since the couple had always planned to have three children.

But the couple were soon called to another doctor’s appointment, where Alexandra and Antonin were given news they could hardly have been prepared for.

When the doctor showed mom Alexandra the scan photo, she was so shocked that she started crying.

The doctor had first said that Alexandra was carrying twins, but then corrected themselves and explained that she was actually carrying triplets.

After further scans, the doctor came to the conclusion that there were 4 fetuses.

But the 23 year old woman’s belly didn’t stop growing, and after a final ultrasound, the unbelievable truth was confirmed: Alexandra was carrying 5 children!

In summer 2013 it was time for the birth, and luckily it all went ahead with no complications.

Four boys and a girl came into the world via C-Section.

There was a little more drama than there needed to be, however.

Dad Antonin nearly missed the historic birth after he got stuck on a delayed train. Luckily the dad managed to make it to the emergency room in time.



“I cried the whole way there because I was sure I was going to miss it,” he says.

This was the first time quintuplets were naturally conceived in the Czech Republic.

According to the chief of medicine at Prague’s ‘Institute of care for mothers and babies’ all of the babies looked fighting fit when they came into the world.

Today the children, Deniel, Michael, Alex, Martin and Terezka are growing up fit and healthy.

It may be more children than Antonin and Alexandra had planned – but I’m sure they wouldn’t change their tiny blessings for the world!

Aren’t they a beautiful family?

The chance of conceiving quintuplets is one in 47 million and the chance that all 5 survive pregnancy and birth is even lower, so I definitely think this is a true miracle!

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Britain spends a fortune every year in investigating loud lovemaking!

When people have the police ringing their doorbells in the middle of the night, it’s normally because of a neighbour who complained about too much noise coming from a party or something around that theme.

Be careful of your volume when getting it on tonight (Pinterest)

Well, apparently, if you’re a Brit and you want to get it on with your partner tonight, be careful of how much noise you’re making while in the throes of passion.

Brits are loud when they have sex (Pinterest)

Online publication The Sun conducted a study and the results reveal that councils in Britain spend well over £50,000 investigating noise complaints.

Councils with the most complaints (The Sun)

At the top of the leaderboard, we have the noisiest Brits around! Newham, Lambeth, and Manchester all have 12 complaints each.

York was the 2nd loudest in lovemaking (Pinterest)

York, the quaint, cobbled city, came in 2nd for the loudest lovemaking with 11 complaints.

Budget cuts are going into effect soon and people could lose jobs (Pinterest)

At a terrible time when Sheffield City Council is facing £40million worth of cuts and could very well be forced to cut down on 225 jobs, the council spent £700 investigating just 7 complaints of extremely loud sex.

There were 234 complaints across Britain (Pinterest)

The worst cases came from Greater London with 32 reports of loud sex and Greater Manchester came in 2nd with 19 cases.

The publication revealed that there were at least 234 complaints of noisy bedroom romping across Britain. Councils are reaching a “breaking point” battling severe budget cuts and they are being slammed for wasting taxpayers’ money.

Should the councils be inquiring into residents’ personal lives (Pinterest)

Campaign Manager at the TaxPayers’ Alliance, James Price, told The Sun:“Many taxpayers will wonder whether councils should spend their money inquiring into residents’ personal lives.”

It’s a waste of taxpayer money and it’s intrusive (Pinterest)

“Not only does this appear to be a waste of taxpayers’ money but it does also seem rather intrusive. Surely councils have more pressing matters to deal with?”

Only 28 out of 418 nationally were willing to share their expenditure (Pinterest)

In the investigation into how much councils spend on romping couples, only 28 out of 418 across the nation were willing to share how much they spent on these investigations.

If all the councils gave their expenditures, it would come up to £56,000 (Pinterest)

According to the findings, the boroughs spent £3791.35 on their investigations which means that the figure for the whole country would be approximately £56,000 if all of the councils had provided their figures.

No one was taken to court in 2017 but other years weren’t the same (Pinterest)

In 2017, not one person was taken to court over the noise complaints even though there were plenty of those. In years prior to that, offenders were taken to court as is known intimately by 23-year-old Gemma Wale.

In 2015, she was given a two-week prison sentence after being handed a court order. She breached her Asbo when a postman and a woman taking her child to school had complained saying that you “could hear her screaming and moaning from the other side of the road.”

Shouting and screaming seem to be common during sex in Britain (Pinterest)

49-year-old Caroline Cartwright of Newcastle breached an Asbo for the fourth time in 2010 and was handed a 12-week prison term. Cartwright had been “shouting and screaming” during sex with loud dance music playing for years and the Newcastle Crown Court had heard about this.

A gentleman’s guide to getting ready for a hot date in 2018

Who doesn’t love a gentleman? That’s right, everyone. But it’s 2018 and you must up your game. Without beating around the bush, let’s get straight to the point. Here is a quintessential breakdown (a checklist, if you may) on how to groom (like a champ) on a hot date with a really hot babe.

(Source: Pinterest)

1. Hair

The perfect outfit will always turn heads, but a fresh trim can dramatically change your overall look. Party season is the perfect time to try out your new look but remember to prepare! Timing is key. The ideal time to go for a haircut is 7-10 days before the main event a.k.a. the big date. This gives you enough time to get used to styling your hair without letting it grow out of shape again. Make sure to take your barber’s advice when it comes to haircuts that suit the shape of your head and face.

(Source: Pinterest)

Women love a well-groomed head of hair. Don’t go too dramatic though. Try something that is chic as well as classy. Stay away from loud colors, unless she’s into that kinda thing. Make sure you condition your hair regularly, it’s going to help tame the frizz and flyaways on your D-day. Tip: While you’re texting, ask her casually if there’s something she absolutely hates when it comes to men’s hair. Probably stay away from whatever she says!

(Source: Pinterest)

2. Skin

Gentlemen should have a daily skincare routine. What’s a modern man without indulging in a little self-maintenance? Kinda last year. So yes! Face wash and moisturizers are not just for the lead up to important events.

If you don’t have a skincare routine yet, fret not. A week’s time should solve all that. Clear up your complexion and do right by your skin by fighting the three main areas of concern — oily skin, dry skin, and acne.

(Source: Pinterest)

Make sure you are cleansing, toning, and moisturizing using products suited to your skin type on the daily. Increase your chances of getting great skin by washing and moisturising twice a day, ideally upon waking and right before bed.

(Source: Pinterest)

3. Body hair

Do not fret over this one so much. Just make sure you are kind enough to give your ‘pits and bits’ a trim. You don’t want to open your eyes next morning to the sight of one of your pubes stuck between the poor girl’s teeth. The benefits of keeping it light down there are the added feeling of freedom and cleanliness, as well the optical illusion created in favor of the size of your junk.

(Source: Pinterest)

4. Smell

Chances are you’re going to get very hot and sweaty on the big night. Alcohol, food and plenty of dancing create an intense cocktail of aromas that will emanate from various of parts of your body. Often, they aren’t the most appetizing. Your best chance of avoiding this problem would be to take a good shower using a scrub or loofah, followed by liberal applications of an anti-perspirant roll on under your arms. Make sure it’s alcohol free so that you don’t dry your skin out.

(Source: Pinterest)

Go for some talcum powder between your legs and even down the crack. Yep! Reduce friction wherever possible. Pat the excess talc off with a towel to avoid any powder marks on your clothes. As for cologne, the classic spicy, wood and musk combination works well. Try to keep the smell fresh if you’re going for a day date. Think Davidoff Cool Water — doesn’t blow your bank and smells divine!

(Source: Pinterest)

5. Beard/No beard

Good grooming starts with tackling face fuzz. Unless you’re planning to move out into the wilderness to find yourself, facial hair of any length needs to be tamed and maintained.

(Source: Pinterest)

The watchwords for shaving are timing and priming. Remember to use a real razor — but get shaved that morning. Presumably, you’re not dating the Bride of Dracula so you don’t need blood dripping off your chin, so be careful. Warm up your face to open pores from the hot tap helps open your pores, and using a shave oil helps your razor glide across your skin.

(Source: Pinterest)

If you’re blessed with a full beard, use a specialist beard shampoo and conditioner to keep the hair soft and itch-free before a night out. Tip: Trim your beard before taking a shower.

Splash your face with hot water or stand by the bathtub and use the shower head to warm and wet your face, apply shaving gel and shave. It’s quicker and cleaner as any product residue and hair is easier to rinse off in the shower afterward. Before you finally go out, always double check in the mirror to make sure you haven’t missed any spots. It happens more often than you would think. And use aftershave, always!

(Source: Pinterest)

6. Dental hygiene

This one doesn’t get said enough. Sporting a decent set of canines is all about regular care. Flossing daily, brushing your teeth twice a day, and paying regular visits to the dentist should be on the gentleman’s list. It is the key to making sure you have healthy pearly whites. Yellowing teeth are just such a turn off for women. Brush your teeth before taking a shower. After brushing, pour mouthwash in your mouth and rinse and swish in the shower. There’s no excuse for not having fresh breath while you’re out and about either. Let’s not make your first kiss your last.

(Source: Pinterest)

7. Nails

Last but not the least, go for a manicure a day before your hot date. Trimming them once a week makes sense, but there’s much more you can do to make sure your hands look great before a night out.

(Source: Pinterest)Caption

You should always file your nails after trimming: A file rounds the finished shape of the nail off and lets it grow in a smooth, natural arc. Use a cuticle or hand cream regularly to have baby soft hands.

(Source: Pinterest)

Skip the selfies. Here are 9 pictures that you MUST take in your lifetime

We probably are in the most photo-obsessed age of all times: selfies that say no story (unless of course to create short stories on Instagram) or photos carefully constructed with filters to capture our perfectly made-up faces at the perfect angle with the perfect lighting. There’s something we are missing out on between capturing beautiful pictures of our random moments and a professional photo shoot to capture important milestones like engagements, weddings, and baby showers. The everyday moments that capture the essence of our life, our world, ourselves during that stage of our lives slip past without a second thought.

There’s a certain charm in old photographs that cannot be achieved through vintage filters on our cool apps. The “everydayness”, the realness, the innocence of pictures that aren’t perfectly orchestrated or clicked in a moment’s impulse.

Here’s how you can take up a few photo projects to capture your life journey across decades. Skip selfies and professionals. Ask a friend or family who knows you well to take the pictures.

Thoughtful pictures make a photo journal of your life (Source: Pinterest)

1. Picture of your hands

Hear me out before you diss this seemingly weird idea. Your hands never get the focus in any of your pictures. But don’t you think that something so uniquely yours needs to be captured with all the attention it deserves? The journey from soft, smooth hands of the 20s or 30s to the beautifully wrinkled hands of the 70s or later are likely to tell many stories.

Your hands tell a story of their own (Source: Pinterest)

These pictures will include tales about your passion, your skills, your fashion sense, your love for a place or culture and your love life. Hands that hold a book, a pen, a guitar, or any tool that your obsessed with might capture the essence of your twenties. In a few years, a wedding ring might slip in into the picture; perhaps, a tiny chubby hand wrapped around your finger, too; your tools might change as your interests evolve; you might always find yourself taking pictures of one thing every decade (say you holding a book) across decades. The words in the page, the title, and the creases on your fingers tell a story of their own.

A photo capturing four generations (Source: Pinterest)

Suggestions and ideas:

– Picture of your hand holding a tool or instrument that meant much to you or represents a skill you picked that decade: a book, pen, paintbrush, camera, gardening tools, baking gloves.

Capture the essence of that decade with your favorite tools or activity. Source: Pinterest

– Picture of your hand with something you cannot do without—your guitar, your favorite lip balm, your favorite ring or accessory, your organizer. The tools will change as you grow and your interest evolves. And things you can’t do without will give way to new things that you will clutch to—Specs, reading glasses, your child’s hand, and perhaps… at some point, a walking stick, or your grandchild’s hands.

This is a way to capture your evolving interests over decades. Source: Pinterest

– Hand holding a friend, loved one, pet, the exact same way (make sure you keep the background neutral for close-ups). This could change as wedding rings come into the picture, your hand holding your partners, perhaps, a tiny finger wrapped around your own, your hand on the wall of your new home or first car, your hand on your grandma’s wrinkled hands, and your hand on the new piece of art you created, or an office you opened, or freshly baked cupcakes you baked for your small business. Hands tell stories. Capture yours through meaningful pictures of your hand across decades.

Old hobbies might give way to new ones (Source: Pinterest)

2. Pictures with your siblings

The Brown sisters, 1975 (Source: Pinterest)

Irrespective of how involved you are in each others’ lives and no matter how different your personalities or values might be, give this a shot. As we grow older, things that we took for granted come back to hit us with a heavy dose of nostalgia.

The Brown Sisters, 1992 (Source: Pinterest)

Find a way to take a picture with your sisters/brothers at the same spot (maybe your family home, or a favorite spot you loved as kids), in the same order or posture. Take inspiration from the Brown sisters were photographed every year for 4 decades.


The Brown sisters, 2011 (Source: Pinterest)

Through the journey, you not only get into the frame the changes in your bodies and faces but also your bond with each other over time. If there’s a favorite color, then color coordinate or pick a color you will wear for the photograph in the next how many ever decades.


4. Pictures with your besties

There’s no dearth of pictures with your friends — drunk pictures, hungover pictures, pre-party, while partying, post-party mascara running pictures. But get together and put some thought into how you would like to trace the journey of your friendship in a way that will make you look back at the photos when your old and grey, wise and wrinkled. Be sure to include all the madness, but in a more structured way.

Nothing beats recreating the madness with your besties. (Source: Pinterest)

Chose an order or pose that can be replicated for years and to make it more fun, pick expressions that you would want to hold onto. If there is a spontaneous burst of giggles and laughter, ensure whoever is taking the photo captures this always. Nothing will celebrate your moments together through decades better than pictures of spontaneous laughter. This is also a great way to track your fashion journey and how your style evolves over time.

30 years apart (Source: LinkedIn)

Ripped jeans might give way to short skirts and pretty dresses, or the other way round. You might move out of blacks and greys into bright yellows and neon pinks. Things you never thought you would wear (polka dots or batik prints) might creep in a few years later and it would be fun to see how your style and those of your besties evolved over time. Think Sex in the City, big hair of the 80s giving way to sleek, straight hair of the late 90s. You can add more flavor to this by picking a spot that means much to you guys. Perhaps, a favorite hangout spot or the place you met first. Landscapes and cityscapes change over time and they tell a story of their own.

You can create a whole album with moments capturing the journey of your friendship (Source: Pinterest)

5. Pictures with your pet

Well, this might not last more than two decades, but it is one of the most satisfying and nostalgic journeys you will cherish all your life. Pick a spot where your beloved pet is likely to be her or his happiest self. Get a classic shot and a few where you are playing around because you can never really get enough of these moments to be frozen in time. There’s something endearing about dog and cat paws. If you’re a huge pet lover, then hand picks of the two of you are a must.

Recreate moments with your pets (Source: Facebook)

6. Pictures with what inspires you

The artists and writers who inspire you tell a lot about that phase of your life. Source: Pinterest

This could be a picture of you with your most favorite book, a poster of a movie or album that inspired you or an artist or writer that you greatly admired in that phase of your life.


When you look back at the photos, you get to see snippets of your personality in different phases of your life (Source: Pinterest)

This is hard because you just cannot pick a single book, artist, a piece of art or album. But there must be one that you connected with for the longest time in that decade; an album or book that made sense to you as a 31-year-old just beginning to get comfortable in her own skin and a 39-year-old who has arrived and feels at home with herself.


7. Picture with your folks

Trust me on this one. Not all of us had the perfect childhood. But a common theme found in folks entering the middle and senior age is how much they missed sharing better moments with their folks. Except those whose parents were abusive or harmful, most of us make peace with their idiosyncrasies and decide to have a peaceful relationship, however hard that might be, once we enter our late 30s.

Picture with your mom/dad through the decades is something you’ll cherish forever. Source: Faceb

If your lucky, your folks are still around to capture one of the most complex bonds of humankind. Try to replicate a favorite childhood picture or create a new one. Instead of decades, make sure to take the same snap every few years. It’ll be worth it.

Recreate your favorite picture of your folks. Source: AcidCow

You could even recreate your favorite picture of your mom or dad with you in it. It’s a lot of fun and it’s only in rare moments like this you see how much you resemble and take after them.

Dad and son and many years later, son with his son; same tee and same look. Source: Reddit

8. Picture with your life partner

Most of us got this covered in the form of endless selfies, posts captioned dinner date with BAE, and engagement shoots. What could make this more interesting is to make a photo journal that tells the story of the two of you from wherever you are now to the day you will pour over the same photos as a beautiful elderly couple who has traveled the mighty course of love through all the highs and lows.

Then and now: 60 years apart. (Source: AcidCow)

Again, picking the right spot matters and the pose makes all the difference. Spend a little time pick a pose that comes naturally to you both; one that reflects the relationship in one shot. It can be the classic her in front, his arms around her; or a side one, with her hands around him. Or, it could be an unconventional one of the two of you spread on the lawn. Keep in mind that it can be something you would love to repeat when you are well into your seventies or eighties.

Pick a spot you would love to revisit and recreate the memory. (Source: AcidCow)

Experiment with clothes; accentuate your personal style and style as a couple by dressing up in more than just your casuals. While it is true that you want to capture how you both were mostly that decade, it should capture the essence of your personalities. So skip the tees and denim and go for something a tad bit more personal.

Then and now: 58 years apart. (Source: AcidCow)

You can incorporate the other categories here, too. Your hands, young and recently in love, clutching each other’s palm might turn into hands casually holding each other in a stroll, and may turn into fingers with wedding bands, tattoos, or accessories; the frame might fill up with a third or fourth hand of little ones, too. Don’t stop with that. Your photo stories continue as long as you are alive and around.

Then and now: Ten years apart (Source: AcidCow)

9. With that one special person

It could be your favorite cousin, the lady at your favorite bakery, or your regular cabbie. Take inspiration from Sam Farr, who took pictures with one of his most favorite people, his hairdresser—Joe Pace, for more than 40 years.

Sam with his hairdresser, Joe; someone he described as the only constant in his life. Source: Twitter

Happy posing! And keep that smile on.

12 ways to stay positive at work

The daily ever-growing mountain of work that comes with a desk and chair job is enough to leave most people jittery, stressed, irritated and on the brink of anger. Add to that an unreasonable boss, gossipy colleagues or worse still – tedious work and you’re in for trouble. Since we spend most of our lives working it is important to ensure a satisfied and positive mindset while at your desk – to ensure a healthy work-life balance.

1. Engage in conversations with positive-minded colleagues

Engage in positive and enlightening conversations. (Pexels)

Don’t allow yourself to be carried away into a conspiracy driven conversation with over-achieving colleagues who would do anything to get promoted. Keep your distance from those co-workers who bring their negative energy along with them to work. While it might be hard to avoid conversations all-together because of working on the same project or being in the same team – you can always limit yourself to professional conversations while making an extra effort be optimistic and more upbeat about it to make up for the negativity from their end. Best case scenario – they too will start seeing the glass half full.

2. Give yourself the much-required break

Take a day-off and head to the beach to take your mind off work. (Pexels)

You’ve been slogging it out the past couple of month, five days a week, without a break. It’s high time you gave yourself a break. Go for a holiday, take a three-day weekend spend it with your family, indulge in your passion, take off early to treat yourself to the play you’ve been wanting to watch all your life. Give yourself a pat on your back for all the work you’ve done. If you don’t, not only will you wear yourself out and be a host to negative emotions but also notice a decline in the quality of your work. Guns N Roses got it right – “everybody needs some time on their own!”

3. Save work for work

When you leave work, leave work- don’t bring it home with you. (Pexels)

Are you the kind of person who carries back home a heavy suitcase back of work and a frown pasted on your face? If yes, time to change that. Don’t mix home and family time with work on a daily basis. It’s not worth you ruining your time, your partner’s time or even your pet’s time who are all just looking to spend time with you after you’ve been gone all day. The more work clutter you remove from your home, the more rejuvenated and positive you will feel about going back home every evening.

4. Engage in after-work work-out

Make a sport or a work-out session a daily part of your routine. (Pexels)

Fitting in a daily work-out session or playing a sport is extremely important for both mental and physical well-being of our bodies. Sweating out results in the secretion of happy-hormones that have the power to change how you feel about yourself and your surrounding entirely. Leave work with a change of work out clothes if you have to, but release your stress from work and ease into the rest of the day with a game of tennis or whichever sport catches your fancy.

5. Focus on one project at a time

You don’t have to agree to take on a project just because you don’t want to say “no” (Pexels)

I know being able to multi-task on several projects makes you seem like a superhuman, but it also might result in you not being able to do any of the jobs optimally. Your to-do list might be outpouring into your personal life – but focusing on one project will help you tick off your to-do list faster than you ever imagined.

6. Personalize your workspace

Create a conducive work space. (Pexels)

Bring in a plant, stick up a print out of your favorite positive and motivational quote, family pictures if they make you smile and take your mind of stress, a coffee mug that you’ve always cherished, an aroma stick – anything that helps you focus while keeping you de-stressed at work. If you have a larger and more private workspace, you can even bring in more comfortable furniture that suits your body type and lights that make your environment conducive to work.

7. Set achievable goals

Set and achieve realistic goals. (Pexels)

Don’t agree to work on projects you know you will never be able to complete. You know yourself better than anyone else does and hence you know your ability to accomplish tasks best as well. It’s always great to dream, but if you constantly finding yourself dreaming too big, trying to achieve it, failing – you’ll end up being more discouraged than encouraged. Setting more attainable goals and meeting them will leave you feeling good and pump you up optimistically to aim higher and achieve more.

8. Give your imagination a chance

Allow yourself to imagine and create at work. (Pexels)

Instead of immersing yourself in tedious technical work, allow yourself to exercise your imagination skills a tad bit more. A sprinkle of creativity can add flavor to your otherwise seemingly pedestrian work making it livelier and more challenging. The next time you find yourself with some free-time at work – give in to brainstorming on more creative projects you could suggest spear-heading at your next team meeting.

9. Allow yourself to make genuine-mistakes

Don’t beat yourself over mistakes of the past. (Pexels)

Life is all about making mistakes and learning from them. There is absolutely no point in beating yourself up over spilled milk and a genuine mistake. Your bosses do not expect anyone to be perfect at what they do. After all, if you were perfect, you would be the boss wouldn’t you? In fact, even bosses make mistakes. So don’t sulk or worry yourself about the blunder you might have made at work and relive it every day at home till you get distracted by something else. Instead – know where you went wrong and make a mindful note of rectifying it the next time you find yourself in the same situation.

10. Reward yourself, every so often

Attend the annual ballet playing in your city as a well-deserved treat. (Pexels)

If you can punish yourself for every mistake you make by stressing nights away, you can very well reward yourself when you do a job phenomenally well at work. Keep the bar set high for punishable mistakes and the bar set low for rewarding tasks. Done ticking off everything from your to-do list sooner than you planned to? Take your partner/best friend/roommate/family out for a movie or for dinner or enjoy a long walk at the park. There are more than several ways you can treat yourself in – so enjoy!

11. Smile more

Smile because you have nothing to lose. (Pexels)

I cannot emphasize enough on how important smiling is. Scientists, all over the world, have proved that just like happy thoughts trigger muscles in your face that make you smile, a smile triggers something in your brain that makes you reminisce happy times. So if you ever are feeling down and blue at work, just smile. How easy a solution is that? I really doubt it can get easier. To remind yourself to smile, you can keep a smile-inducing symbol of happiness at your desk – a laughing Buddha, a funny quote, a picture of smiling faces of your loved ones, a still shot of a happy moment.

12. Keep learning

There is no end to learning, not even at work. (Pexels)

Remind yourself that you always should be learning. Learning did not end with school and university life. Use your job to build your skills, your portfolio, your knowledge, your resume. Extract as much as you can from every project and work experience you get, and you will feel most productive and content at the end of the day. Make the most of your time by making mental notes of what every task taught you and you’ll realize just how much you are learning! Isn’t that an extremely freeing and happy feeling?

Why do polyamorous people never get jealous? An expert reveals all

Most of us have been jealous in our relationships at one point or another – but for people in polyamorous relationships, there is no place for it.

by Priyam Chhetri

ealousy is an ugly emotion. It makes us upset, angry, and irrational. We often feel the most intense feelings of jealousy when it comes to our romantic partners.

Maybe you think your girlfriend is spending an inordinate amount of time with a colleague, or your husband is being secretive about his phone. It’s a sliding scale, but most of us are bound to feel jealous at some point in our love lives.


Why, then, do some people choose to allow their partners to have multiple romantic attachments? People in polyamorous relationships not only allow it, but they actually enjoy having more than one relationship at once. Strange to some, normal to many.

Dr. Elisabeth Sheff, author of The Polyamorists Next Door (Source: Twitter)

Polyamory is defined as the practice of having intimate relationships with more than one partner.  Dr. Elisabeth Sheff, expert witness, speaker, andcoach of polyamory and author of The Polyamorists Next Door, has been studying polyamory for over two decades. She told Business Insider that some people really never experience the jealousy triggers that set the rest of us off.

(Source: Shutterstock)

“Hardly anything triggers them to jealousy – they don’t experience it,” she said. “Some of them go so far as to have a hard time understanding it. Their partners explain it to them, and they’re like ‘Why would I care about what someone else is doing? Why does it bother you what someone else is doing when you’re not there?’”

(Source: Shutterstock)

Some of these people do eventually learn to feel differently, however. During her longitudinal study, Sheff noted that some people came back after 15 years reporting they finally knew what it was like to feel jealous. However, many have never reported feeling any differently, meaning they may just not be wired that way.

“Maybe they just haven’t experienced that specific moment,” Sheff said. “All kinds of different things are going to make people jealous, and you never really know what it will be. It’s often when something new is introduced — a new partner, a new situation… And someone who really truly never felt it before is like, ‘Oh, so that’s what that is. That sucks.’”

(Source: Shutterstock)

Polyamory has benefits

Most people who Sheff has studied in happy polyamorous relationships have also reported that their feelings of jealousy decrease over the years. For many people in these relationships, to make it work, the benefits outweigh any costs of feeling envious of your partner’s other romantic involvements.

For example, they get a wider variety of needs met. Polyamory gives people the opportunity to spend time with different people when others are not available. Sheff herself is in a polyamorous relationship with her wife and says it is ideal for when she travels for up to two months at a time.

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“I travel all the time and my wife gets lonely. It’s really hard on her,” she said. “To have someone around for her would be great. She could get company, and I would feel much less guilty.”

Another benefit is a more varied sex life. Just because you find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, doesn’t mean they will enjoy the same things in bed as you.

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“If you don’t want to have kinky sex, but your partner wants you to tie them up and spank them, or you do it but you’re kind of grossed out by it, it’s not going to be that fun for anybody,” Sheff explained. “Whereas if your partner can find someone who is totally psyched for that, nobody has to have the kind of sex they don’t want to have, and everybody gets to have the kind of sex they find fun and appealing.”

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It’s not all about sleeping with multiple people

Contrary to popular belief, polyamory isn’t all about sex, though. In fact, Sheff argues it’s actually predominantly the friendships and connections outside of the bedroom that makes polyamorous relationships work.

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Different perspectives on situations and support can help meet people’s emotional needs more easily. Also, having more people around can be beneficial to parenting. For starters, there are more people to help with babysitting, but Sheff says more ideas to come up with ways to deal with problematic teenagers are also useful.

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“One person can be completely flummoxed, and somebody else can go up and talk to him and see what they come up with,” she said. “They may come back with a more reasonable explanation.”

She added that partners don’t tend to take on disciplinary roles, though. “It really comes down to the parents to discipline and make lasting decisions and things like that. The children are very clear about who their parents are. They’re never confused by that.”

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Sheff tends to work with people who are happy in their polyamorous lives, and so admits she is looking through rose-colored glasses at the situation.

However, through her research she has found that polyamorous people are often more open and better at communicating with each other — so if jealousy was getting the better of someone, they may be more likely to talk to their partners about it, rather than letting it stew.