Smoking Gun: Obama’s Name Edited out of FBI Documents

CT| The Strzok-Page text messages at the center of the growing FBI scandal are proving to be a goldmine of information for conservatives… but may be a thorn in the side of Democrats who are increasingly looking complacent and guilty.

It is already widely known that FBI agent Peter Strzok and bureau attorney Lisa Page held strong anti-Trump bias, despite the fact that they were supposed to evenhandedly investigate both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump without playing favorites.


Now, additional text messages that were sent between the affair-embroiled FBI officials have revealed another bombshell: Documents sent to then-Director James Comey during the Clinton email investigation were purposely edited to hide key information, including President Obama’s connection to the scandal.

“The text exchanges also indicate the FBI substituted, and then omitted, damaging language in FBI Director Comey’s July 5, 2016 statement that recommended Clinton not be charged,” explained investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson in The Hill.

“The original draft noted that Clinton had improperly used personal email to contact President Obama while abroad in the territory of sophisticated adversaries,” Attkisson reported.

You would think that the fact an insecure personal email account was used to communicate with the president of the United States while visiting unfriendly countries would be a pretty big deal, and something that investigators into Clinton’s email usage would want to highlight.

Instead, FBI officials appeared to purposely cover up this very alarming piece of information before the report went to Director Comey.

“According to the text exchange, an FBI official then removed President Obama’s name and stated that Clinton had simply emailed ‘another senior government official,’” explained Attkisson.

That decision seemed purposely meant to downplay the seriousness of Clinton’s recklessness with insecure email. But even that watered-down report ended up being hidden.

“In the final statement as delivered by Comey on July 5, both references were omitted entirely,” the journalist reported in The Hill.

This makes it very likely that FBI insiders like Strzok were “stacking the deck” in favor of Hillary Clinton, in order to make sure that no charges were filed against their favored candidate.


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