Charlie Sheen Has Just Been Accused of Murder

Lenny Dykstra, a baseball player and former friend of Charlie Sheen recently accused Sheen of murder.

In an extreme interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Lenny Dykstra had a lot to say about Charlie Sheen, who he was reportedly friends with for several years. Now, the two are definitely not friends.

Lenny made many shocking claims, including apparently some insight into how Charlie refused to disclose the fact that he had HIV to countless women he had sex with, and even that he had participated in arranging an ex-assistant’s murder.

Rick Calamaro’s body was found by his maid on July 1st, 2012 in a Fairfax apartment. He was just fired, formerly Charlie Sheen’s assistant.

Rick Calamaro


It probably didn’t look very suspicious at the time because, as the autopsy reports, the 50 year old had high levels of the extremely powerful opioid Fentanyl in his system.

On one hand, the fact that there is documentation to suggest he suffered from depression, and that he had been “taking a mixture of medication to treat pain and anxiety” as summarized by one article, makes it look less suspicious. But consider that now, Fentanyl is sometimes even used to execute people. It is measured in micrograms.

The man’s autopsy concluded that “based on the history and circumstances as currently, the manner of death is accident.”

The motive for Calamaro’s murder is cited by Dykstra as potentially the fact that he was going to write a “tell-all book” about Charlie Sheen, revealing things about him he did not want to become public. Dykstra noted that he went to jail for grand theft auto and a fraudulent financial statement that he filed, saying:

“Before I went [to jail], I said, ‘Dude, this guy, he is writing a fucking book, you got to fire him’.”

He was reportedly incarcerated when Calamaro allegedly overdosed. He made the decision to confront Charlie about it. He asked Sheen “what the f*ck happened to Calamaro,” and Charlie Sheen reportedly told Dykstra:

“You mean Dead Rick? What f***ing happened is the motherf***er tried to blackmail me just like you said — wanted $5 million.

I had him f***ing iced. I had a hot dose put in there.”

Apparently the slang term getting “iced” refers to a lethal intravenous injection.

However, it should also be noted that no concrete, verifiable evidence of Charlie Sheen’s involvement in the man’s death has been presented yet by this old friend.

From another perspective, of course Charlie Sheen’s lawyer Shane Bernand is strongly denying the charges. Tony Todd, reportedly a long-time friend of Charlie Sheen said that if he had actually set up the overdose to murder his ex-employee, he would never havetold Dykstra about it.

Perhaps this is what money does to some people.


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