Democrats Move To Impose ‘Sin Tax’ On One Food Americans Eat Every Day

It’s official: Democrats hate everything you love. That’s clear simply from the way they opposed the tax cut bill. Americans saving money? We can’t have that!


But it goes beyond their desire to rob you of cash. Democrats love to regulate everything. Much like Big Brother of 1984, they want to control every last bit of your personal life. From marriage to business to eating, Democrats want to decide what you can or cannot do.

There are even groups who want to punish you for eating. PETA and other unhinged, radical leftists, are pushing for bills that will excessively tax meat. Yep, the most basic source of protein in the world.

Cue the clown music.

From Daily Wire:

If environmentalists and health nuts get their way, your steak could be getting a little more expensive.

According to Bloomberg, governments looking to improve their citizens’ eating habits, and simultaneously protect the environment from the disastrous impact of cattle, pig, and goat farming, are suddenly turning “bullish” on the idea of implementing a “sin tax” against people who purchase meat, either at grocery stores or in restaurants…

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals… is one of the organizations behind the push, of course.

If there is a “meat tax,” Bloomberg notes, it’ll probably happen in Europe first, where everything is taxed and no one complains, and would probably impact the meat industry first and meat eaters only eventually.

Activists reluctantly admit that the United States, at least, probably won’t embrace a meat tax as readily as our European cousins, not just because we like meat, but because “sin taxes” are on the decline. Even Chicago, which has readily embraced a whole measure of sin taxes, was forced to reconsider — and ultimately repeal — a tax on sugary beverages, after stores put drink tax information directly in front of consumers.

There are regions of the world that are starving. Often a single goat can mean the difference between life or death for families. Yet these entitled liberals only care about pushing their bogus vegan ideology.

You might like having a B-vitamin deficiency, PETA, but the rest of us want to be healthy.

This pathetic agenda is simply a way to control your eating habits. Instead of believing you have the right to choose what to eat, democrats want to decide for you. A heavy tax on meat is a way to discourage people from eating it.

And it has nothing to do with the environment. If it did, they would only focus on beef, which they claim harms the atmosphere. To lump in pigs and goats is simply a big “screw you” to non-vegans the world over.

Are you going to let unwashed hippies deprive you of your steaks? I hope not.

Source: Daily Wire


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