iPhone Battery Explodes In Man’s Face After He Bites It To Test Its Authenticity [Video]

Apple and controversies go hand-in-hand. After it was caught throttling iPhones with degraded batteries and forced to issue an apology, news of iPhone batteries getting overheated and exploding are gaining momentum.

Last October, several incidents of iPhone 8 Plus batteries swelling out of their cases were reported in China, Taiwan and Japan. 50 workers and customers were recently forced to leave an Apple Store in Zurich after an iPhone battery suddenly exploded, burning one staff member.

Now, a 10-second video showing an iPhone battery being exploded in a man’s face in an electronics store in China has gone viral.

Local reports claim the man went to a third-party retailer to get his iPhone’s battery replaced. Lithium batteries found in iPhones cannot be removed by users, and since third-party retailers are known to swap out original batteries for cheaper variants, he decided to bite into the battery to test its authenticity, leading the device to suddenly burst into flames.

Local media suggests the battery was old, but they did not say whether it was proven to be real or fake. No one was injured in the incidentdespite the proximity of the explosion to the man’s face and several bystanders, Taiwan News reported.

But because no one was injured doesn’t mean you go repeating it just for fun.

There are better and less life-threatening ways to check the authenticity of your iPhone’s battery. For one, you could visit an Apple Authorized Retailer or an Apple Store because don’t forget: Chinese electronics stores are infamous for keeping fake Apple products…


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