After His Wife Passed Away, She Asks Him To Water Her Plants – Finds Out That They Are……

Some of us love the idea of ending up with a prankster or a jokester for a spouse. Let’s face the facts here. Marriage can get very boring and it is always fun to spend time with someone who is not entirely predictable. When Nigel’s wife Phedre passed away five years ago, the man did not know how he was going to go on. All he knew was that he had been given a final request.

Phedre had asked Nigel if he would continue to water the plants in the bedroom of their home after she was gone. The man followed her wishes for several years and thought nothing of it. One day, it was finally time for Nigel to move into a retirement community. Antonia, his daughter, alerted him to one crucial fact about the plants that had never dawned on him.

They were actually made of plastic! Poor Nigel. He had followed his wife’s order and dutifully watered the plants each and every day. Little did he know that they looked so good because his wife had decided to pull a prank. Antonia says that she can hear her mother chuckling all the way from Heaven and we most certainly are too.

Antonia decided to share the story with her followers on Twitter. Nigel was such a good sport about the whole thing, he even watered the plants one last time so that his daughter could have a fun photo op. We are glad to see that this family has such a great sense of humor about the whole thing. Phedre’s prank turned out even better than she could have hoped.

We are sure that Phedre is smiling and laughing uproariously about this well executed prank. Nigel clearly seems to have gotten used to his wife’s sense of humor and we are impressed by her ability to execute a burn this wicked from beyond the grave. Stories like these also serve as a way for others to open up and share fun anecdotes about their lost loved ones.

The loss of a spouse is always a sad occasion. That does not mean that we must remain sad in our spouse’s absence. There is nothing wrong with having a good laugh about the times that we have shared. In most instances, this is exactly what the deceased person would have wanted. Please be sure to share this hysterical prank today.


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